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Mini Kickers (U5)

Mini Kickers introduces four-year-olds to AYSO soccer in a brief, pressure-free environment by playing simple, fun activities and games.


We teach basic soccer skills through fun activities, and then play mini pick-up games to let the children try what they have learned.  We will not have competitive games, as forcing competition on such young players is counterproductive.


At the end of this program (season), each player will receive a participation medal.

The U5 program is coordinated by AYSO National Coach, Wayne Riley. We enlist the help of a few parents as Assistant Coaches, and will use any parents that are present in activities with the children. 


Here are some slightly-modified AYSO guidelines are used for U5 Mini Kickers:

The Field:

The field will be 30 x 15 yards, marked with cones.

The Goals:

Goals will be 4 feet high and 6 feet wide.

The Ball:

A size 3 ball will be used.

The Teams:

Games will be played with 4 to 6 players per team on the field and no goalkeepers (we may vary the number of players per team with session attendance, as we will have 3 fields). Everyone will play. The team will be randomly-selected each week so that the children get to interact with many other children and so that we regularly balance the group.


Duration of Game:

We will likely play 20 minute "games" with 10-minute halves at the end of each session. Scores will not be recorded, and there will be little interference from us grown-ups. This emphasis will be on applying what the players have learned during the teaching activities. Kicking, tripping, handling the ball, and dangerous play may occur. Coaches/referees will stop play briefly to instruct. There should be few additional reasons to stop play in U5 games. If play must be stopped for any other reason (injury, substitution, confusion, or distraction), we will try to return the players to "home" positions and restart the game quickly with a dropped-ball.


We will use kick-offs, throw-ins, and direct kicks. We will try to teach proper methods during the activities, and then let the games flow with little interruption. We will try to keep the game moving, and fun.


Player Equipment:

Soccer cleats and shin guards, covered by the socks are mandatory at all activities. Players may wear cleats or sneakers. Players must bring their own size 3 soccer ball.  Registration fees include Jersey, shorts, and socks.


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