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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Parents FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Parents have questions... even parents who have been involved with AYSO Region 605 for years... and we want you to have answers... so we've created this article to try to answer the most common questions that we get every year. If your question isn't here, or the answer isn't clear, you're always welcome to email us at [email protected].

How much do coaches/referees get paid?
Everyone in Region 605 is a volunteer... coaches, admins, referees... all volunteers. Please be patient, nice, and supportive of our volunteers... or they won't come back - and our kids won't get this great experience.

Why does it sometimes take a day or two to get a response?
As mentioned previously, everyone - even our administrative folks - are volunteers... so they've got jobs, families and other commitments on their plate as well as AYSO. Our volunteers give tons of their time to AYSO, but they can't always be immediately available.

Why do I not always get the uniform size I specified?
This all boils down to TIMING. Ordering, printing, and shipping uniforms takes 3-5 weeks - and thats if there are no issues in the process. We normally only have 1-2 weeks between the time registrations close and when team rosters are built... usually only days between when team rosters are built and practices starting... so there isn't enough time to order uniforms in that small space. We use the data that we've got to try to order the right RANGE of sizes for the division.. but there's no way to know what size player is going to end up on what team at the time we order... so that sometimes means players get a size that isn't EXACTLY what they asked for.. hopefully its something that is servicable and maybe they can grow into... in extreme cases - where "close enough" really isn't close enough - we CAN usually try to make additional arrangements.. but we ask folks to TRY to work within what we do if possible. (extra orders take extra time, and mean extra work,  and extra cost... and we try to keep AYSO as affordable as possible - we're a non-profit).

My child is showing up in a division that looks OLDER than their age, are they in the correct division?
Starting in Fall of 2018, Region 605 is moving to the age determination system MANDATED by US Soccer for all youth soccer programs and clubs. We're not going to try to tell you that it isn't a little confusing... IT IS.. but its not something our Region dreamed up. Your child will be playing with kids in the same age range... all determined by the same formula as used for your child... so don't get too tied up in the division name. We've taken a shot at trying to help explain the new date system and simplify it as best we can here... as well as linking to the official AYSO documents. 

When will we know what team my child is on?
One of the core AYSO principles is BALANCED TEAMS. To create fair teams, we use past evaluations as well as in-person evaluations from SoccerFest each season. After SoccerFest, Division Coordinators collect those evaluations and then work fiercely to create fair and balanced teams as best they can.. so GENERALLY you should find out your team late the Sunday after SoccerFest, or that Monday. This is a HUGE task after a LONG Saturday at SoccerFest for our Coordinators, so please be patient.

What night will my child have practice?
Coaches choose the night that their team practices... so when your coach first contacts you, one of the pieces of information that they will share is the time and day of practices. If you've got specific requests, you can email your division coordinator - and they do their best... but remember that BALANCED TEAMS come in to play, and there might not be a team practicing on the night that works best for you - so try to be flexible. If your family is just booked solid and you MUST have a particular night, I'd suggest volunteering to coach so that you get to choose your practice night.

Can my child be on the same team as their friend?
BALANCED TEAMS is one of the core principles of AYSO... and so that requirement of balanced teams often means that your child may not end up on the same team as a particular friend. Many times, players discover its actually more fun to be on different teams - they look forward to playing each other and following each other all season... and without their familiar friend on the team, they are encouraged to meet some new friends - and often are less likely to get distracted during practice, etc. Please help your child to understand.

One team in our division always wins, or one always loses
At the beginning of the season, our Division Coordinators spend HOURS using every resource they have to try to make BALANCED TEAMS. They use past player evaluations, SoccerFest in-person evaluations (lots of them), and talk to coaches and other division coordinators to try their best to make every team as even as possible... however - it is NOT an exact science... late adds, players new to our system, players who miss SoccerFest, growth spurts, injuries... there are hundreds of variables... so there are definately times where teams are not as even as we targeted. Please help your players to understand the value of PLAYING, not just the value of WINNING. Lots of people put lots of time into trying to make things fair and even - but sometimes it doesn't work. Everyone loves to win, but there is a lot to be gained and learned from losing, too. 

What should I do when a ref misses a call in a game?
First, remember that all of our referees are VOLUNTEERS... if you yell at them, shout at them, etc - they won't volunteer again - and so your child may end up with NO referee next week. All of our refs are trained.. none are paid. Even the PAID FIFA refs miss calls... so it would not be unusual for a volunteer ref to see things differently than you may. Please remember you are a ROLE MODEL on our sidelines. All of the kids on that field see you and your actions... not just your kids. If you have SAFETY concerns, talk to your coach... you should never talk to the refs - unless it is appreciative and supportive. Many of our refs are also youths - so please be mindful that an adult yelling at a youth is BULLYING - and that will not be tolerated on our fields. All of our refs, players, and coaches are doing their best to provide a great experience for our kids... you're encouraged to become a ref yourself - we'll train you. 

What is a parents role on game sidelines?
Players play, Coaches coach, Parents cheer. Notice... only the coaches should be coaching. Encourage. All of those kids out there need encouragement, even the ones on the other team. Your job is simple, singular, and shouldn't waiver... CHEER. If you want to ref - become a ref... if you want to coach, become a coach... if you are a parent on the sidelines - be a parent - CHEER.

What do I need to provide?
AYSO provides a jersey, shorts, and socks... so you will need to provide shin guards (required... players will not be allowed to practice OR play without shin guards), a water bottle, and a soccer ball appropriately sized for division:
  • Mini-kickers, 6U, 8U - Size 3
  • 10U, 12U - Size 4
  • 15U, 19U - Size 5
Will rained-out/cancelled games be rescheduled?
Short answer, no - games that get cancelled will not have "make up" dates. The reason for this; we schedule a game for every weekend that we have the fields allotted to us... and rather than leave an "open" date for make-up games that we may not need - we schedule a game for every weekend. In the past, some coaches have tried to re-schedule cancelled games for a weeknight... but there are so many players with nights that they aren't available, there's just usually no way to work that situation out fairly. If a game gets cancelled, you should just follow along with the posted schedule - as if the cancelled game was played.

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